• Classroom Management Plan

    I have only 5 basic rules that each student needs to follow in the classroom:
    1.  Be on time with all required materials.
    2.  Actively participate in all classroom activities and discussions.
    3.  Raise your hand when you wish to speak in class.
    4.  Show respect to others, to your instructor and to yourself.
    5.  Have a positive attitude each day.
    Consequences For Not Following Classroom Rules
    1st Offense -  Verbal Warning to Correct Inappropriate Behavior
    2nd Offense - Teacher Assigned Detention Hall
    3rd Offense -  Parent's Called and Teacher Assigned Detention Hall
    4th Offense -  Student Referred to Campus Principal
    Rewards For Following Classroom Rules
    1.  Positive Reinforcement and Praise
    2.  Opportunity to Make Excellent Grades
    3.  Positive Phone Calls Home to Parents