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    Google Classroom Tutorials
    What IS Google Classroom?
    If you’ve been wondering what Google Classroom IS (or is NOT), this video from Amy Mayer is for you!
    Published on Jan. 22, 2015

    Classroom 101 
    by Google for Education

    Previewing Classroom by Google

    by Google
    Published on May 6, 2014 


    Google Classroom - Teacher and Student View
    by Roger Nixon
    Published on Jun 15, 2014
    Teachers can now view work in progress and add comments.
    Teachers can create a 'Class Information' page for each class to provide general class resources.
    You can actually choose whatever number grade you want. Just click on the number (instead of the arrow for the drop down list of grades) and you can enter in any number you want.
    The interaction between student and teacher about an assignment are private. Class announcements are viewable by all members of the class. 

    Getting Started with Google Classroom

    by Amy Mayer

    Published on Sep 5, 2014

    Learn the basic steps of getting started with Google Classroom inside your district's Google Apps for Education account

    Google Classroom
    by Jenn Scheffer

    Published on Jul 20, 2014

    Introduction to Google Classroom

    notes in the comments section from Jenn Scheffer's video that might be of interest:
    I currently use Edmodo and I love that I can put test and quizzes on there.  Does google class have this same feature? 
    Currently there is no test/quiz feature in Classroom that resembles and functions like Edmodo, but you can create quizzes in Google forms and then attach the forms you create. Google seems to be committed to improving Classroom, so be sure to send them your feedback! 
     How did you manage to integrate eduCanon into Google Classroom?
    After creating the eduCanon I had a link so I just copied and pasted the link into the stream and it worked like a charm! Hope that helps!