iPad Icebreakers 


    1- Self Portraits
    Have your students draw themselves. After they have done this, leave iPads on the desks, do a Gallary Walk around the classroom for the whole class to see, or collect the iPads and show the drawings.  Ask the students try to guess who the artists were for each picture.

    Here are some iPad Apps to try:

    • Whiteboard
    • ShowMe w/audio
    • Doodle Buddy
    • KidsDoodle
    • Educreations w/audio
    • ScreenChomp w/audio
      Explain Everything w/audio

    2- Audio Introductions

    Have your students leave a little message about themselves by recording an introduction.  No need for video or pictures when you use this feature.

    Try this App:

    • Quick Voice
    • Croak It


    3- Video/Audio Introductions

    Students will enjoy seeing and hearing each other by making an introduction that uses both video and audio.  Share one at a time so even the quietest voice can be heard.  Make a paper slide for students that are a little shy to appear on camera.

    Use the built-in Camera to record the video and audio.


    4- Picture Introductions

    Have your students use their own pictures to tell about themselves or their summer adventures.  Students can bring in pictures from home, take a snapshot of each photo using the iPad camera, or perhaps they can draw pictures of their summer fun.  Many various are possible depending on the App you use. The ideas are endless.  Share using a Gallary Walk around your classroom.

    Here are some Apps to try:

    • PhotoComic
    • Comic Touch
    • PhotoCard
    • Pic Collage


    5- Create Avatars
    Ask your students to create avatars of themselves to show to the whole class, or collect the iPads and show the avatars while others guess.

    Here are some Apps to try:

    • WeeMee
    • Tallagami



    6- Thinking Map/Graphic Organizer
    The student generates a list of words about themselves or their summer vacation.  Students create an organized way to share their words with others.

    Here are Apps to try:

    • Popplet
    • Idea Sketch
    • Inspiration Lite


    7- Making Connections
    Students want to know what their new classmates are like.  Introduce students to each other using interactive learning.  Students will discover they have many similarities and differences.  Project teacher iPad or computer for everyone to see as they learn about each other.

    Here are some Apps to try:

    Socrative Student

    Socrative Teacher

    Infuse Learning (student App)

    Infuse Learning (teacher on website: http://www.infuselearning.com/)

    iBrainstorm (teacher control)

    iBrainstorm Companion (iphone App, student’s iPad)

    Padlet (web-based with URL)


    8- QR Readers

    Use QR readers to explore the school by going on a scavenger hunt.  Students can meet school personnel by scanning QR codes with clues.

    Use favorite QR reader:

    • i-nigma
    • Red Laser (iphone App)
    • MW – Barcode Scanner
    • QR Scavenger Hunt Maker -




    9- Aurasma (AR) Reader

    Use the Aurasma App to make objects come alive.  Take a picture of staff members overlay with a video.  Use a self-portrait drawing of a student and an overlay video introduction. 

    10-  Classroom Blog
    Create a classroom blog and ask students to write a short post introducing themselves to others. Here are the blogging platforms to use:

    • Edublog
    • Blogger
    • Wordpress
    • Kidblog
    • Weebly



    Today’s Meet – Use www.todaysmeet.com as a back channel for students to comment and reflect on daily learning.  Set up as QR code for students’ to scan when arriving in class.

    1. Pose question of the day
    2. Pose driving question or essential question before each lesson
    3. Reflections
    4. Exit ticket
    5. Collaborative comments


    Interactive Writing and Reflections:

    ·       Wonderopolis - great conversation starters, transitions, etc.

    ·       National Geographic Pic of the Day - great inferring and predicting