Tagxedo turns words - famous speeches,
    news articles, slogans and themes - into a
    visually stunning word cloud.
    No login needed. 
    Select “Create”
    Click on “Load” to enter your words, there are fields for a webpage or to attach a file, but it will work with just entering your words, hitting the return key between words/phrases.
    After entering your words, select “submit
    Click on “Theme” to select different color schemes.
    Click on the “Shape” option to select a shape.
    It will automatically put the words you’ve already loaded into that shape.
    Click the “Save/Share” option at the top, under the “Load” option to save your image. 
    The options to the far right will save your image at the higher resolutions they offer = 1.6mb in size.
    Sample Finished product: