App-Smashing, a technique coined and honed by Greg Kulowiec that uses multiple apps to complete a project. 

    Lenny Liang said it best:

    “A single app can be powerful. Many apps, working together, can be transformative. It is sometimes difficult to perform the task you want using only one app. It’s often necessary to settle for the best an app can give, even if it’s not exactly what you need. App synergy overcomes those limitations by transcending the limits of single apps, creating results that no one app could achieve alone.”  

    Intro to App-Smashing Videos
    http://vimeo.com/71366694 - from misterkling
    An introduction to the concept of app-smashing along with app suggestions.
    http://vimeo.com/82372877 - from Jon Alan Potts
    Before you really get into "app smashing", become familiar with these really basic concepts if you are not already: "Sharing", "Uploading", "Exporting", and "Open in..."
    A good resource for examples, lessons and the apps used in those lessons.
    App Smashing: Little Mathematicians Get Inspired
    by Meghan Zigmond 
    Has examples and apps used.  Mostly for Math, but toward the bottom they give examples and apps used for Scene Makers
    Meghan Zigmond's Zig Zagging through Education & Technology 
    Below are links to some of my favorite apps to SMASH together and create projects! Check back often as the List.ly will update every time I add a newly discovered app smash worthy app! 
    At posting, there were 56 pages of app suggestions with links, a mix of free and paid apps.
    App-Smashing: A Research Project & Reflection 
    A SlideShare Presentation with apps and their uses for app-smashing: