• I know some of you have wanted to post videos on your website.

    Below are directions on how to do that.  

    They do need to be posted to YouTube first (Vimeo will work, too).  I got these steps from a teacher in Krum, Shanna Orsi, who posts videos, of her lessons, to her site regularly.

    In your Site Manager:

    Use a Flex Page for all of your videos when posting them to your website.  

    Click the "insert link" button 


    Choose "Web Address" in the choices on the left side of the page.

    Go back to YouTube or the website you uploaded them to, pull up the video you want to share.

    Right click on the video, select copy embed code.  

    (In Vimeo, click the "share" button in the top right of the video window.  The embed code will be at the bottom of the new window that opens up, copy that embed code)

    Go back to the site manager where the "insert link" window is pulled up, 

    Paste in the embed code 

    Before you save and insert link, make sure the target is on "open in same window (parent)".


    It will paste two videos on that page, just make sure to delete one of the two before saving.  

    (Vimeo doesn't paste in two videos, just one)