Debra Drake - 7th grade Math. Pre-AP Math

  • Hello! I am Mrs. Drake.  I teach 7th grade math and Pre-AP Math.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you. 


    Phone:  (940) 246-2126  ext.3507

    TUTORING:  Wednesday 7:45 am, Thursday 3:45 pm  

    Expectations:  *Always bring your notebook,completed HW and supplies to class.*Go to the MATH LAB (open every morning 7:55-8:20) anytime you have trouble with your homework and you need help.  (This way you can probably still finish it before class.)*Come to tutoring anytime you don't understand a concept. remember it's better to have a late paper worked correctly than to turn in a half finished paper that you don't understand.*If absent, look up your assignment here....then come in and ask for any worksheets or notes needed. It is your responsibility to do the work and turn it in. Remember,  I'm at school early, and I often stay late....NO EXCUSES for not getting help.

    Thank you,

    Debra Drake


    MATH: To get your textbook on-line you will receive a user name and password.