color music staff
    Name: Dianne Chrestopoulos - (Mrs. C.)
    Email Address: dchrestopoulos@argyleisd.com
    Phone number: (940) 464-0564 ext 123

    Music is a very special place for every child to realize their innate talents, and develop their musical abilities while enhancing their self-esteem.  Our music program at Hilltop provides a 50 minute class once a week for all grade levels except PreK, which comes to special areas every other day for 25 minutes.  During this time we sing, listen, play games and instruments, learn to read music and experience movement and dance.   Every grade level has their required music TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and we work hard to accomplish these during the school year.  To see a complete list of required music skills and content area per grade level please see the Music TEKS listed with specific grade levels.   In addition, 2nd grade presents the Veteran's Program in November, 4th grade will present a Fall Music Program (late October )and Kindergarten will present a Circus Program in May.  Be sure to look for these special dates and mark them on your calendars. 
    A painter paints pictures on canvas.  But musicians paint their pictures on silence.  ~Leopold Stokowski