• Asa Burk
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    The study and performance of music is an opportunity that our young people of today truly need.  It is not our goal as teachers to make professional musicians of our students, but rather it is to instill in them a sense of high musical standards and enable them to fully enjoy the life-long benefits of making music.  Recent studies show that students who participate in music programs such as band become the strongest students, both academically and as student leaders , in their schools.  The skills learned in our school band program – self-discipline, increased self-esteem, group cooperation, commitment, responsibility to self and to group, and teamwork – will be reflected in a successful adult life.  Knowing that great performances are the fruits of a considerable investment in preparation, hard work, and lessons learned from failure, the opportunity to enjoy a new level of communication and self-expression is the goal for every musician, young or old.  Creativity is within us all, and the language of music serves as the perfect vehicle for the journey in personal growth and in the development of knowledge and skills.