• Mission Statement

    The goal of the Argyle Sports Performance program is to provide our student-athletes the means by which he or she can develop a strong work ethic, discipline, attitude, and pride in one’s self and the total program.  Student-Athletes will train consistently, sensibly, and systematically by design. As coaches, we will provide a safe and professional environment for our student-athletes. Our staff believes strength and conditioning is the key component to achieving a successful athletic career at Argyle ISD. As coaches, we continue to evaluate, develop, research, and implement strategies to give our student-athletes the cutting edge to achieve optimal athletic performance.


    Achieve the maximal level of performance of each student-athlete while reducing the occurrence of athletic injuries through sport-specific, ground based programs. Programs will be designed to replicate movements that are performed in each individual sport. Training programs are designed to increase an athlete’s strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, conditioning, and all important components in developing a highly-skilled athlete.  The program will be based on accountability, and will promote discipline, mental, and physical toughness.


    Argyle Sports Performance

    Guidelines and Procedures



    Periodization is the gradual cycling (allocation of a specific period of time, whether days, weeks, or months) of specificity, intensity and volume of training to achieve peak levels of fitness for the most important competitions. Knowledge and experience of the athletic staff is critical in this planning process. Training programs are based on a yearly cycle, which is divided into periods and phases.

    The most critical phase of the yearly training cycle is the off season. Athletes should dedicate themselves to training 3, 5 times per week in sessions lasting approximately 30 to 40 minutes. The greatest physiological improvements are made during the off-season. 

    All of the progress made during the off season will deteriorate rapidly if training is not consistent throughout the competition season. Athletes become more susceptible to injury in the absence of strength training. When properly prescribed on a consistent basis, strength training should not interfere with competition.


    Program Implementation

    The design and implementation of all training programs for Argyle student-athletes is the responsibility of the Argyle ISD athletic staff. Sound program development requires a solid educational and practical background.



    Student-athletes will be monitored through the periodic testing of the core lifts. Testing usually takes place at the beginning and end of a training cycle. This provides everyone with the necessary data to access deficiencies, make adjustments to the program, and evaluate performance. Coaches will receive a copy of all testing results.


    Facility Rules and Regulations

    The use of the Argyle ISD Strength Training Facility and the instruction of the athletic staff is a privilege and should be treated accordingly.

    1. No food or drink. Water bottles are allowed.

    2. No horseplay.

    3. No tobacco, chewing gum, toothpicks, etc.

    4. No jewelry.

    5. No revealing clothing (tank tops, sports bras, etc.).

    6. Close toed, athletic shoes must be worn at all times. 

    7. Spotters are required at all times.

    8. Clean up after yourself. Weights should always be returned to the racks, benches should be returned to proper location.

    9. Training time is limited; therefore socializing should be kept to a minimum.

    10. Freelance training will not be permitted. Athletes will follow a workout prescribed by the athletic staff.

    11. Do not neglect or misuse any of the equipment.

    12. Follow all verbal and written instructions from the athletic staff.

    13. No cell phones allowed in weight room during training sessions.


    Expectations of all Argyle Student-Athletes

    ·        All Argyle student-athletes are expected to arrive on time, prepared to train (Proper clothing, shoes on and tied, no jewelry, etc.).

    ·        All Argyle student-athletes are expected to follow all weight room rules and regulations.

    ·        All Argyle student-athletes are expected to follow all instruction from the Coaching staff.

    ·        All Argyle student-athletes are expected to be respectful of teammates and Coaching staff.

    ·        All Argyle student-athletes are expected to work hard and give 100% effort during all team training sessions.


    Team Workouts

    The athletic staff encourages team training sessions in which all members of the team participate in the program as a cohesive unit.  Instruction, supervision, and enthusiasm from the athletic staff will be given to the entire team.  Team workouts promote a common work ethic, team unity, discipline, competition, enthusiasm, intensity, and most importantly accountability.



    All programs are designed under the assumption that student-athletes will be consistent with their training. Absences from team workouts are detrimental to the athlete’s progression through the training cycle. Absences from team workouts should be strongly discouraged. The sports performance staff should be notified ahead of time of any athlete’s inability to attend a scheduled workout. The student-athlete will be required to make-up the workout at a specified training time. The sports performance coach will notify the head coach of any absences that are not approved in advance. 

    Injuries and Rehabilitation

    Any injuries that inhibit any portion of a workout must be seen by the athletic training staff. Athletes may be subject to an altered workout prescription

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