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    Welcome to Coach Lundy's 9th grade Pre-AP World Geography/U.S. History.  This is a good place to to locate copies of assignments and lesson plans.  Please use this as a reference in case of any absences or in the event you may have misplaced a paper.
    Week at a glance April 25-29
    Mon. Thinkers 10-12 Finish Video
    Tuesday 28-1 and 28-2 notes
    Wed. 28-1, 28-2 quiz notes over 28-3 and 28-4
    Thursday 28-3 and 28-4 quiz North vs South Korea
    Friday Continue North vs South Korea
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    Writing Prompts
    3rd 9 Weeks

    Writing Prompt

    All writing prompts will now be completed in class. 
    Jan 25-29: Explain desertification and how it affects Africa.
    Jan 11-15 Prompt:

    Choose one of the Russian leaders mentioned on page 363.

    1. V.I. Lenin 2. Joseph Stalin 3. Mikhail Gorbachev 4. Vladimir Putin

    Which on did they govern (rule) Russia alone of the Soviet Union?

    Write a one page summary of their time in power.


    Jan 5-8 Prompt: Research and describe 1 holiday unique to the Region of Russia and the Republics

    2nd 9 Weeks 
    3.Nov 30-Dec 4 What country is the leading candidate to join the European Union next and what are some of the obstacles it must overcome to gain membership?
    2. Nov 2-6 What are the reasons for poverty in the region of Latin America and what steps are being taken to correct the situation? (Pages 225-226 in book for reference) 
    1. Oct 26-30 Please describe what human activities have contributed to the deforestation of the Amazon rain forest. 
    1st Nine Weeks
    8. Oct 12-16- Using the information in Chapter 8 and your own research please list problems facing the United States and Canada today. Pick on that you feel needs to be addressed first and offer a solution to the problem. 
    7. Oct 5-9- Describe at least 5 categories used to determine a country's standard of living. Pick one category and describe why you feel it is the most important factor in your opinion. 
    6. Sep 28-Oct 2 No Writing Prompt this week. 
    5. Sep 21-28- What are the three categories of religion and how do these categories differ?
    Please also give a brief history of the major religions of the world and how they spread
    4.  Sep 14-18- List the factors that influence culture. Please pick one of the factors and describe why you feel it is the most important.
    3. Sep 8- Sep 11- pick one climate region of the world you would most like to reside in. Give at least three reasins why you picked the climate region.
    2. August 31-Sep 4-  Pick one natural disaster to hit the United States in the last 50 years and write a, one page handwritten/half page typed, description of the event. Please include the following: date, cost, casualties, and relative location of the area affected.
    1.August 24-28 (Due Friday) Create a thesis statement agreeing or disagreeing with the statement below.  Then, write a paragraph supporting your thesis. Be sure to conclude your paragraph.
    Statement: Physical geography is no longer an issue in the modern world due to technological advancements. 
    Outside Readings
    3rd Nine Weeks
    All outside readings will be done in class for the remainder of the year. 
    3. Jan 25-29 http://www.unccd.int/en/regional-access/Africa/Pages/alltext.aspx
    2. Jan 11-15 http://www.ducksters.com/history/world_war_i/russian_revolution.php
    1. Jan 5-8 http://www.studentpulse.com/articles/722/causes-of-violent-conflict-in-the-caucasus-since-the-collapse-of-communism 
    2nd Nine Weeks
    3. Nov 30-Dec 4 Case Study pages 326-327 in the textbook 
    2. Nov 2-6 http://www.apnewsarchive.com/2015/New-plant-near-San-Diego-tests-US-appetite-for-large-scale-seawater-desalination/id-42fed0d6d1c349239bbb23bc8a8129ad
    1,\. Oct 26-30 http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/24/americas/hurricane-patricia/index.html 
    1st Nine Weeks 
    7. Oct 5-9-  http://news.yahoo.com/terrible-shake-then-roar-guatemala-slide-kills-26-041719964.html
    6. Sep 28-Oct 2- No outside reading. There will be a U.S. States and Capitals Test on Friday. 
    5. Sep 21-25  
    4. Sep 14-18  
    3. Sep 8-Sep 11: https://nsidc.org/cryosphere/glaciers
       Only the first three links on the side. 
    2. August 31-Sep 4: http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2015/04/the-lost-children-of-katrina/389345/ 
    1. August 24-28 (Open Note Quiz Friday)  www.globalization101.org/what-is-globalization/